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Tight Hip Flexors causing you grief?!

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I have struggled with tight hip flexors, they took years to get tight and every day I work on giving them more flexibility. Many of my clients struggle with the same issue, with tight hip flexors affecting their posture and giving pain in the lower back. I was interested to read this article citing the awareness of the body in assisting with the change in movement patterns, something I try to make all my clients aware of in my Pilates mat classes.

Flexion (drawing the legs towards the trunk or making your bicep pop, for example) is a primary piece of our fear response and human beings are a terrified bunch. This fear manifests in the pelvis through a chronic shortening or engagement of muscles and keeps us stuck in a state of constant alarm. Our body flexes and extends and rotates and we are forever searching for balance in the front, back and sides of the body to allow for these movements to be successful.  The search is all too often in vain.

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Science Catches up to Joe!

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When I first read ‘A Return to Life Through Contrology’ & ‘My Health’ by Joesph Pilates I thought to myself how forward thinking some of his views were for the time so I was interested to read that a new study proves what Joe knew 70 years ago!

The method can help people with chronic low-back pain experience less discomfort and lead fuller, more satisfying lives.

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Top sporting stars turning to Pilates for back strength

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I was really interested to read this week about Andy Murray’s turn around in back pain after seeing a specialist Pilates teacher. Read the rest of this entry »