Tight Hip Flexors causing you grief?!

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I have struggled with tight hip flexors, they took years to get tight and every day I work on giving them more flexibility. Many of my clients struggle with the same issue, with tight hip flexors affecting their posture and giving pain in the lower back. I was interested to read this article citing the awareness of the body in assisting with the change in movement patterns, something I try to make all my clients aware of in my Pilates mat classes.

Flexion (drawing the legs towards the trunk or making your bicep pop, for example) is a primary piece of our fear response and human beings are a terrified bunch. This fear manifests in the pelvis through a chronic shortening or engagement of muscles and keeps us stuck in a state of constant alarm. Our body flexes and extends and rotates and we are forever searching for balance in the front, back and sides of the body to allow for these movements to be successful.  The search is all too often in vain.

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Why your workforce’s well-being is a must

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It’s not just London companies that see the benefits in promoting wellness in the work place. Each week I teach a Pilates class at a local workplace in Shrewsbury, this is provided to the employees for free as a health initiative. It’s a win-win situation as staff get the benefits of exercise and relaxation and the employer reaps the benefits of lower rates of sickness and stress. Is this something you have considered within your business?

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Pilates for Men

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More and more men are turning up to my classes which is great news in shattering the myth that Pilates is just for women. Joseph Pilates was a weight lifter and boxer before he developed his Contrology method in addressing complete mind and body fitness.

Pilates is highly relevant to mens fitness. The integrative component of Pilates can be especially beneficial for men, whose workouts often emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscular development, such as what one finds in weightlifting.

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The Pilates Myth

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This inspiring article shows how it doesn’t matter how strong you are or what you look like, Pilates is for everyone. “Pilates, at its core, is about maintaining your body’s functionality. Pilates is not only rehabbing my physicality, but also my understanding of what fitness means and what it feels like in my body.”

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Science Catches up to Joe!

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When I first read ‘A Return to Life Through Contrology’ & ‘My Health’ by Joesph Pilates I thought to myself how forward thinking some of his views were for the time so I was interested to read that a new study proves what Joe knew 70 years ago!

The method can help people with chronic low-back pain experience less discomfort and lead fuller, more satisfying lives.

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Want to improve your swing?!

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Do you want to improve your golf swing? Here you can read about 3 simple Pilates exercises which can be done at home which will help with rotation, balance and stability.

“All golfers know they need to work on rotation, balance and stability. This is stating the obvious. There are also a handful of exercises that benefit the golfer that might not be so obvious. Of course, we know each golfer has individual needs, as with all athletes, but these three simple Pilates exercises should be a part of every golfer’s routine”.

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Gain an Edge: Pilates Helps Improve Cycling Performance

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I’ve always loved cycling and spinning but it really leaves your hamstrings and calf muscles tight, I saw this article which gives a great insight into how Pilates can improve your performance on the saddle!

Whether they’re in the Spinning studio or riding on the road, cyclists are always searching for ways to improve their performance in the saddle. They try the latest training techniques, equipment and nutritional plans in an attempt to gain an edge. But many don’t realize they can also reap benefits through a less obvious source—a Pilates exercise program.

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